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Crazy Phone Card
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Billing in Euros

Speed Dial

Pinless dialling

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Billing History

1 minute rounding
Service Provider IDT

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Maintenance Fee none

Service Fee yes

Connection Fee yes (click on rates)

Terms and Conditions:

The minutes shown are for this card using Toll free or local access and are based on a single use of the card. Rates are in pence per minute. For the calculation of call charges, the duration of a call will be rounded up to the nearest minute and penny. A daily maintenance charge may be applied for this card; maintenance fees can vary from 0 - 80 pence. A post call fee may be levied and is dependent on the duration of the call; the call fee can be from 0% to 400% of the cost of the call. A connection fee may be applicable for all calls made using this card. The connection fee levied is dependent on the destination called, the time at which the call is made, the length of the call and the access number used. The connection fee may be equivalent to 0 to 3 minutes of talk time at the pence per minute rate. Rates and fees are applicable 24/7 and are correct as of June 2015. Rates and billing conditions are subject to change without prior notice; this may be due to circumstances outside the control of IDT such as changes to wholesale rates charged by third party suppliers. Since the cost of calling the access numbers may vary depending on the service used (e.g. land line, payphone or mobile phone), IDT recommends that customers check the relevant charges with their mobile or other service provider before using this product. We are not responsible for difficulties experienced on your provider's network. As a matter of policy IDT will not intentionally disconnect any calls provided that there is credit available for the calls, however it may be possible that calls could get disconnected due to matters beyond IDT's control, e.g. force majeure, carrier fault, technology fault or human error. If you use this product, IDT may choose to inform you by telephone or other means of communication about telecommunications products or services related to such products, offered by this company, or any affiliated company. If you do not wish to receive such information, please email or write to us at IDT Retail Customer Services, IDT Retail Europe Limited, Registered Office: 44 Featherstone Street London EC1Y 8RN, UK

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