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China Calling Card

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SuperGold $ 0.99¢0.00¢nonenoneper minuteLocal Access 505 min


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Miami, FL
". . .I've have been using IDT Calls products, mainly Purple Card to make calls to my country since I arrived in the US 2 years ago. I've researched for the best call card on the internet and I believe IDT Calls provides the cheapest and best products online. Another good feature of most of the products of IDT Calls is that they have many local access numbers.. . ."

Wilmington, DE
". . .I have been an on line customer for the last 3 years through the IDT Calls website, and have used their prepaid products. The advantage of this website is that you have the opportunity to compare card to card and choose which one best suits your particular needs. Keep up the good work,. . ."

Arlington, TX