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CountryRatesConnection Fee$5 Card$10 Card$20 Card$40 Card
Afghanistan28.02¢0.00¢17 min35 min71 min142 min
Albania10.90¢0.00¢45 min91 min183 min366 min
Albania Cellular35.82¢0.00¢13 min27 min55 min111 min
Albania-Tirana6.02¢0.00¢83 min166 min332 min664 min
Algeria12.72¢0.00¢39 min78 min157 min314 min
Algeria Cellular38.58¢0.00¢12 min25 min51 min103 min
Algeria,Algiers14.02¢0.00¢35 min71 min142 min285 min
American Samoa7.82¢0.00¢63 min127 min255 min511 min
Andorra15.32¢0.00¢32 min65 min130 min261 min
Andorra Cellular35.44¢0.00¢14 min28 min56 min112 min
Angola32.72¢0.00¢15 min30 min61 min122 min
Angola Cellular43.55¢0.00¢11 min22 min45 min91 min
Anguilla15.24¢0.00¢32 min65 min131 min262 min
Antigua15.11¢0.00¢33 min66 min132 min264 min
Argentina2.98¢0.00¢167 min335 min671 min1,342 min
Argentina Cellular7.49¢0.00¢66 min133 min267 min534 min
Argentina,B. Aires2.35¢0.00¢212 min425 min851 min1,702 min
Armenia20.15¢0.00¢24 min49 min99 min198 min
Armenia Cellular29.24¢0.00¢17 min34 min68 min136 min
Armenia,Yerevan21.30¢0.00¢23 min46 min93 min187 min
Aruba12.07¢0.00¢41 min82 min165 min331 min
Ascension Island53.71¢0.00¢9 min18 min37 min74 min
Australia3.15¢0.00¢158 min317 min634 min1,269 min
Australia Cellular16.36¢0.00¢30 min61 min122 min244 min
Austria3.41¢0.00¢146 min293 min586 min1,173 min
Austria Cellular16.48¢0.00¢30 min60 min121 min242 min
Azerbaijan19.20¢0.00¢26 min52 min104 min208 min
Azerbaijan Cellular29.55¢0.00¢16 min33 min67 min135 min
Bahamas4.60¢0.00¢108 min217 min434 min869 min
Bahrain4.15¢0.00¢120 min240 min481 min963 min
Bahrain Cellular8.48¢0.00¢58 min117 min235 min471 min
Bangladesh7.46¢0.00¢67 min134 min268 min536 min
Bangladesh Cellular7.57¢0.00¢66 min132 min264 min528 min
Bangladesh,Chittagong5.55¢0.00¢90 min180 min360 min720 min
Bangladesh,Dhaka5.89¢0.00¢84 min169 min339 min679 min
Bangladesh,Sylhet6.33¢0.00¢78 min157 min315 min631 min
Barbados11.00¢0.00¢45 min90 min181 min363 min
Barbados Cellular24.46¢0.00¢20 min40 min81 min163 min
Belarus24.51¢0.00¢20 min40 min81 min163 min
Belarus Cellular31.33¢0.00¢15 min31 min63 min127 min
Belarus,Minsk22.53¢0.00¢22 min44 min88 min177 min
Belgium3.66¢0.00¢136 min273 min546 min1,092 min
Belgium Cellular24.50¢0.00¢20 min40 min81 min163 min
Belize20.94¢0.00¢23 min47 min95 min191 min
Benin22.93¢0.00¢21 min43 min87 min174 min
Bermuda7.08¢0.00¢70 min141 min282 min564 min
Bhutan17.70¢0.00¢28 min56 min112 min225 min
Bolivia14.85¢0.00¢33 min67 min134 min269 min
Bolivia Cellular18.81¢0.00¢26 min53 min106 min212 min
Bolivia,Cochabamba12.88¢0.00¢38 min77 min155 min310 min
Bolivia,La Paz11.40¢0.00¢43 min87 min175 min350 min
Bolivia,Santa Cruz12.12¢0.00¢41 min82 min165 min330 min
Bosnia and Herzegovina17.32¢0.00¢28 min57 min115 min230 min
Bosnia and Herzegovina Cellular35.86¢0.00¢13 min27 min55 min111 min
Botswana10.22¢0.00¢48 min97 min195 min391 min
Botswana Cellular21.08¢0.00¢23 min47 min94 min189 min
Brazil5.10¢0.00¢98 min196 min392 min784 min
Brazil Cellular-Debit20.68¢0.00¢24 min48 min96 min193 min
Brazil,Rio de Janeiro3.23¢0.00¢154 min309 min619 min1,238 min
Brazil,Sao Paulo3.19¢0.00¢156 min313 min626 min1,253 min
British Virgin Islands16.43¢0.00¢30 min60 min121 min243 min
Brunei4.58¢0.00¢109 min218 min436 min873 min
Brunei Cellular4.84¢0.00¢103 min206 min413 min826 min
Bulgaria4.54¢0.00¢110 min220 min440 min881 min
Bulgaria Cellular35.70¢0.00¢14 min28 min56 min112 min
Bulgaria,Sofia4.39¢0.00¢113 min227 min455 min911 min
Burkina Faso49.28¢0.00¢10 min20 min40 min81 min
Burkina Faso Cellular49.28¢0.00¢10 min20 min40 min81 min
Burundi32.57¢0.00¢15 min30 min61 min122 min
Cambodia9.75¢0.00¢51 min102 min205 min410 min
Cambodia Cellular9.78¢0.00¢51 min102 min204 min408 min
Cameroon20.78¢0.00¢24 min48 min96 min192 min
Cameroon Cellular29.79¢0.00¢16 min33 min67 min134 min
Cameroon Cellular-MTN29.79¢0.00¢16 min33 min67 min134 min
Cameroon Cellular-Orange29.00¢0.00¢17 min34 min68 min137 min
Canada2.39¢0.00¢209 min418 min836 min1,673 min
Cape Verde Islands25.96¢0.00¢19 min38 min77 min154 min
Cape Verde Islands Cellular39.31¢0.00¢12 min25 min50 min101 min
Cayman Islands8.64¢0.00¢57 min115 min231 min462 min
Central African Republic40.84¢0.00¢12 min24 min48 min97 min
Chad49.91¢0.00¢10 min20 min40 min80 min
Chile3.42¢0.00¢146 min292 min584 min1,169 min
Chile Cellular14.74¢0.00¢33 min67 min135 min271 min
China1.66¢0.00¢301 min602 min1,204 min2,409 min
China Cellular1.66¢0.00¢301 min602 min1,204 min2,409 min
Colombia6.83¢0.00¢73 min146 min292 min585 min
Colombia Cellular11.61¢0.00¢43 min86 min172 min344 min
Colombia,Bogota3.41¢0.00¢146 min293 min586 min1,173 min
Colombia,Cali3.24¢0.00¢154 min308 min617 min1,234 min
Comoros46.79¢0.00¢10 min21 min42 min85 min
Congo28.72¢0.00¢17 min34 min69 min139 min
Congo Cellular28.72¢0.00¢17 min34 min69 min139 min
Cook Islands47.16¢0.00¢10 min21 min42 min84 min
Costa Rica7.79¢0.00¢64 min128 min256 min513 min
Costa Rica Cellular7.93¢0.00¢63 min126 min252 min504 min
Croatia4.28¢0.00¢116 min233 min467 min934 min
Croatia Cellular26.24¢0.00¢19 min38 min76 min152 min
Cuba106.75¢0.00¢4 min9 min18 min37 min
Cuba,Guantanamo Bay (1)106.75¢0.00¢4 min9 min18 min37 min
Cyprus2.97¢0.00¢168 min336 min673 min1,346 min
Cyprus Cellular6.36¢0.00¢78 min157 min314 min628 min
Czech Republic3.77¢0.00¢132 min265 min530 min1,061 min
Czech Republic Cellular23.33¢0.00¢21 min42 min85 min171 min
Dem Rep Congo (Zaire)32.41¢0.00¢15 min30 min61 min123 min
Dem Rep Congo (Zaire) Cellular26.61¢0.00¢18 min37 min75 min150 min
Denmark2.85¢0.00¢175 min350 min701 min1,403 min
Denmark Cellular21.03¢0.00¢23 min47 min95 min190 min
Diego Garcia69.74¢0.00¢7 min14 min28 min57 min
Djibouti39.23¢0.00¢12 min25 min50 min101 min
Dominica8.79¢0.00¢56 min113 min227 min455 min
Dominican Republic6.05¢0.00¢82 min165 min330 min661 min
Dominican Republic Cellular13.47¢0.00¢37 min74 min148 min296 min
East Timor42.15¢0.00¢11 min23 min47 min94 min
Ecuador12.45¢0.00¢40 min80 min160 min321 min
Ecuador Cellular24.27¢0.00¢20 min41 min82 min164 min
Ecuador Cellular-Bellsouth24.27¢0.00¢20 min41 min82 min164 min
Ecuador Cellular-Porta25.53¢0.00¢19 min39 min78 min156 min
Egypt13.54¢0.00¢36 min73 min147 min295 min
Egypt Cellular11.58¢0.00¢43 min86 min172 min345 min
Egypt,Cairo15.56¢0.00¢32 min64 min128 min257 min
El Salvador14.08¢0.00¢35 min71 min142 min284 min
El Salvador Cellular12.87¢0.00¢38 min77 min155 min310 min
Equatorial Guinea27.47¢0.00¢18 min36 min72 min145 min
Eritrea32.43¢0.00¢15 min30 min61 min123 min
Estonia4.24¢0.00¢117 min235 min471 min943 min
Estonia Cellular29.96¢0.00¢16 min33 min66 min133 min
Ethiopia28.57¢0.00¢17 min35 min70 min140 min
Ethiopia Cellular28.76¢0.00¢17 min34 min69 min139 min
Falkland Islands46.58¢0.00¢10 min21 min42 min85 min
Faroe Islands17.81¢0.00¢28 min56 min112 min224 min
Fiji Islands28.80¢0.00¢17 min34 min69 min138 min
Finland5.98¢0.00¢83 min167 min334 min668 min
Finland Cellular15.17¢0.00¢32 min65 min131 min263 min
France1.42¢0.00¢352 min704 min1,408 min2,816 min
France Cellular17.15¢0.00¢29 min58 min116 min233 min
French Antilles4.48¢0.00¢111 min223 min446 min892 min
French Guiana8.08¢0.00¢61 min123 min247 min495 min
French Guiana-Cellular16.98¢0.00¢29 min58 min117 min235 min
French Polynesia24.74¢0.00¢20 min40 min80 min161 min
Gabon Republic39.65¢0.00¢12 min25 min50 min100 min
Gabon Republic Cellular39.65¢0.00¢12 min25 min50 min100 min
Gambia47.81¢0.00¢10 min20 min41 min83 min
Gambia Cellular50.65¢0.00¢9 min19 min39 min78 min
Georgia9.22¢0.00¢54 min108 min216 min433 min
Georgia Cellular20.73¢0.00¢24 min48 min96 min192 min
Georgia,Tbilisi8.35¢0.00¢59 min119 min239 min479 min
Germany2.90¢0.00¢172 min344 min689 min1,379 min
Germany Cellular19.98¢0.00¢25 min50 min100 min200 min
Ghana11.29¢0.00¢44 min88 min177 min354 min
Ghana Cellular27.47¢0.00¢18 min36 min72 min145 min
Ghana,Accra22.09¢0.00¢22 min45 min90 min181 min
Gibraltar7.10¢0.00¢70 min140 min281 min563 min
Gibraltar Cellular33.73¢0.00¢14 min29 min59 min118 min
Greece3.15¢0.00¢158 min317 min634 min1,269 min
Greece Cellular23.84¢0.00¢20 min41 min83 min167 min
Greenland54.04¢0.00¢9 min18 min37 min74 min
Grenada13.19¢0.00¢37 min75 min151 min303 min
Grenada Cellular22.02¢0.00¢22 min45 min90 min181 min
Guadeloupe4.50¢0.00¢111 min222 min444 min888 min
Guadeloupe Cellular32.32¢0.00¢15 min30 min61 min123 min
Guam3.33¢0.00¢150 min300 min600 min1,201 min
Guatemala8.98¢0.00¢55 min111 min222 min445 min
Guatemala Cellular14.47¢0.00¢34 min69 min138 min276 min
Guinea32.00¢0.00¢15 min31 min62 min125 min
Guinea,Cellular35.00¢0.00¢14 min28 min57 min114 min
Guinea-Bissau55.57¢0.00¢8 min17 min35 min71 min
Guyana26.40¢0.00¢18 min37 min75 min151 min
Haiti22.87¢0.00¢21 min43 min87 min174 min
Haiti Cellular26.81¢0.00¢18 min37 min74 min149 min
Honduras11.51¢0.00¢43 min86 min173 min347 min
Honduras Cellular21.92¢0.00¢22 min45 min91 min182 min
Hong Kong2.62¢0.00¢190 min381 min763 min1,526 min
Hong Kong Cellular1.85¢0.00¢270 min540 min1,081 min2,162 min
Hungary3.64¢0.00¢137 min274 min549 min1,098 min
Hungary Cellular20.41¢0.00¢24 min48 min97 min195 min
Iceland3.86¢0.00¢129 min259 min518 min1,036 min
Iceland Cellular23.95¢0.00¢20 min41 min83 min167 min
India23.06¢0.00¢21 min43 min86 min173 min
India Cellular19.15¢0.00¢26 min52 min104 min208 min
Indonesia7.83¢0.00¢63 min127 min255 min510 min
Indonesia Cellular10.68¢0.00¢46 min93 min187 min374 min
Indonesia,Jakarta5.37¢0.00¢93 min186 min372 min744 min
Iran13.26¢0.00¢37 min75 min150 min301 min
Iran Cellular15.83¢0.00¢31 min63 min126 min252 min
Iran,Tehran9.52¢0.00¢52 min105 min210 min420 min
Iraq12.43¢0.00¢40 min80 min160 min321 min
Iraq Cellular20.25¢0.00¢24 min49 min98 min197 min
Iraq,Baghdad14.68¢0.00¢34 min68 min136 min272 min
Ireland2.84¢0.00¢176 min352 min704 min1,408 min
Ireland Cellular19.72¢0.00¢25 min50 min101 min202 min
Israel2.82¢0.00¢177 min354 min709 min1,418 min
Israel Cellular13.49¢0.00¢37 min74 min148 min296 min
Israeli Territories26.81¢0.00¢18 min37 min74 min149 min
Israeli Territories Cellular26.85¢0.00¢18 min37 min74 min148 min
Italy3.11¢0.00¢160 min321 min643 min1,286 min
Italy Cellular21.72¢0.00¢23 min46 min92 min184 min
Ivory Coast38.87¢0.00¢12 min25 min51 min102 min
Ivory Coast Cellular38.87¢0.00¢12 min25 min51 min102 min
Ivory Coast,Abidjan38.87¢0.00¢12 min25 min51 min102 min
Rates are per minute, call charges are rounded to the nearest minute and nearest penny/cent. Advertised minutes are based on a single use of the card. Additional surcharge may apply depending on the access number used, check Access Numbers page. If you dial the access numbers from your mobile your mobile phone service provider may charge you. We do not take responsibility for difficulties experienced on the mobile network. Rates, fees & charges can be changed at any time without prior notice.

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